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Cape Cruiser

Sagres – Algarve

Cape cruiser has existed since 2003 and is the only company based in Sagres to offer a wide range of services through an experienced and dynamic team.

For more information, please call: +351 932 079 414

asked questions

Read the FAQs here and get the answers you need. If you need more information please contact us by phone, : +351 932 079 414

Operating hours

Office hours at Porto da Baleeira:
July to October - 8:30 am to 8 pm.
November to June - 9 am. to 5 pm.

Should I book in advance? Or can I just appear on the spot?
You should always book the tour in advance to secure the place available and because we have a minimum number of passengers to ensure that we conduct the boat trip. Of course you can always try your luck but it may happen we don´t have available places for you. And booking in advance we can give you the best information on sea and wind forecast.
How can I book a tour with you?
You can book our tours through this link. If you have any question do not hesitate to call us (+351 919 751 175), or send us an e-mail (
I'd like to book a tour. How can I pay?
Payment can be made with ATM card.
TI have a small baby, I am pregnant and/or have a back problem, can I take a walk with you?
In the activities made with the rib boat (CACHÃO) the minimum age is 3 years old. We have another type of boat but it is convenient to talk with us and explain the situation. The team will give you all the information about the weather conditions and the possibilities to make an trip according with your situation in the best possible way.
I have no fishing experience, can I be part of your fishing activities?
Yes, all our fishing activities are accompanied by an experienced guide who will help you and guide you.
What clothes should I wear? Or what do you advise to use on your boat trips?
Always comfortable clothes suitable for the activity. Warm clothes and long sleeves (even in summer). We advise waterproof jackets, sunscreen and sunglasses. We advise the use of cameras but properly protected.
Do you guarantee the observation of dolphins and/or whales?
We do not guarantee the observation of marine life, although in most of our dolphin watching trips we have sightings but unfortunately from time to time we can not find them. We have success rates of sightings between 85 and 100% depending on the time of the year. We must not forget that they are wild animals and we do not use technical equipment to find them.
Do you have a car park?
Yes, we have free parking on the site of the check-in and passenger reception.
What are your boats?
A rigid inflated boat of 7.5 meters (CACHÃO) for coastal trips and dolphins and seabirds watching. And for the fishing activities a fiber cabin boat of 10 meters with bathroom (PESCAMAR). But all our trips can be adapt to your nedd according with our availability. See boats description on the homepage.
I'd like to buy an offer voucher. How can I proceed?
Contact us by email or the website with the information of which trip you want to offer on the voucher and we will send it by email or hand-in.
Are we open all year?
Yes. We remind you that all activities are dependent on sea and wind conditions. We have a minimum number of passengers to guarantee that we are going out.

Cape Cruiser

Porto Baleeira, 8650 Sagres, Portugal

Phone: +351 932 079 414
GPS: Latitude: N37º 00.69 | Longitude: W 008º 55.74

    Se entrar no Algarve pela A2 toma a direcção na Via do Infante (A 22) para a 2ª saída de Lagos. Chegado á rotunda saí na 1ª direita em direcção a Vila do Bispo/ Sagres. Siga a Nacional 125 até ao fim até chegar a Sagres. Siga pela rua principal, passando pelo Intermarché até á rotunda. Aqui , saí na 3ª á direita e encontra outra rotunda na qual deverá sair na 2ª á direita. Siga pela Rua Comandante Matoso até encontrar o Hotel Memmo Baleeira. Vire á sua direita, siga, faça a rotunda e saia na 2ª á direita em direcção ao Porto da Baleeira. Quando começar a descer vê do seu lado esquerdo o stand da Cape Cruiser, passe os pórticos (sem pagamento) e vire á sua esquerda até ao fim do Parque de Estacionamento (grátis).
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