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Cape cruiser has existed since 2003 and is the only company based in Sagres to offer a wide range of services through an experienced and dynamic team.

For more information, please call: +351 932 079 414

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Family Fishing +info
Bottom Fishing +info
Shark Fishing ( tagging & Release) +info

Come and have fun on board the Pescamar in an experience for all the family and friends. The sympathy and support of our crew provides you with a fun and simple experience. Even if we have never fished we have beginner and professional fishing programs.

Family fishing

Do not miss the opportunity to participate in a fishery in the traditional way where they are used - hand lines. An activity for the whole family. Total fun for the kids.

The most common and simple fish species to catch is Mackerel.

Capacity ( Min. / Máx.)4 / 8 persons
Price: Fisherman + Daily Fishing License35€
Price: Children < 12 years20€

Bottom Fishing

If you already have some experience in fishing then decide for a bottom fishing in one of the best fishing grounds in Sagres. But if you want to fish for the first time, you can do it with the support of our crew without worrying about the equipment or bait.

The boat will stop on the best fishing grounds of the coast, where you can catch a wide variety of species such as Breams, Pargos, Golden Breams, Besugos and Choupas, among others ...

Timetable 07h00 / 15h00
Duration4h00 / 4h30
Capacity ( Min. / Máx.)4 / 8 Fishermans
Price: Fisherman + Fishing License 5,00€50€
Price: Spectator35€

Shark Fishing (Tagging & Release)

There is a deep concern for the uncertain future of our seas and the most emblematic animals in marine life - the Sharks - due to overfishing and destruction of habitats observed throughout the world.

Thus, Cape Cruiser promotes shark fishing by the "tagging and releasing" method. This means that every captured specimen is released alive into its natural environment. You will only have time to take your picture.

During the capture and tagging, the client can participate in the collection of scientific data that will later be shared with APECE and NOOA-USA that provides us with all the necessary equipment for tagging animals.

Timetable 07h00 / 15h00
Capacity ( Min. / Máx.)4 / 8 Fishermans
Price: Fisherman + Fishing License 5€80€
Price: Spectator50€

OBS: All fishing programs are carried out in accordance with Ordinance Nr. 14 / 2014 on 23 january


Choose us and be invited to visit our Facebook and share with us your photography’s taken during the tours.

Meeting point

  • Baleeira Harbour - 30 minutes before depart.
  • Check-in / Payment (Cash or MB Card).
  • Educational session (Briefing).
  • Putting lifejackets on (Required).
  • Walk to the boarding pier.

All our activities are suitable for the whole family, however, some of them can be conditioned to children and pregnant women.

Our advice is to get the necessary information from our collaborators, share your doubts and confirm the weather forecasts.

We are at your entire disposal to provide you with a comfortable and safe journey. We recommend warm clothing, even in the summer season, a bottle of water and sunscreen.