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Cape Cruiser

Sagres – Algarve

Cape cruiser has existed since 2003 and is the only company based in Sagres to offer a wide range of services through an experienced and dynamic team.

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On the Geology Route

Discovering a silent heritage ...

Both north of Cape St. Vincent and south, the landscapes reflect the enormous diversity of rocks and the different profiles and colors break the monotony of a simple boat trip.

We must value and disseminate our geological heritage in order to show that the natural and unique landscape is not restricted only to leisure purposes.

Simple information, little elaborated scientifically, arouse the interest of knowing more.

Celheta Beach

It is located north of the Cape of S. vicente and presents the transition between the Middle Jurassic and the Upper Jurassic. The limestone of the Upper Jurassic rests on calcareous limestones and marls.

Telheiro Beach

About 3 km further north, the shale and gravel of the Brejeira Formation, red Triassic sandstones and red clays, lower Jurassic limestones, Middle Jurassic basal and sand dunes of the Quaternary make this place a geological phenomenon.

Mareta Beach

In this place we witness the most complete succession of the Middle Jurassic of the Algarve Basin. To the east of the beach come out extracts of marly limestones and marls rich in ammonite fossils.

Salema Beach

On the shores of a shallow, warm sea, calcareous marls and dolomites of the lower Cretaceous age are found, and traces of the dinosaur footprints that live here are common on a slab on the west side of the beach.

Suport: Geology of Vila do Bispo 2010 - CMVB