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Cape Cruiser

Sagres – Algarve

Cape cruiser has existed since 2003 and is the only company based in Sagres to offer a wide range of services through an experienced and dynamic team.

For more information, please call: +351 919 751 175

Partnership with AIMM

Our partnership with the Marine Research Association (AIMM) is to share the scientific data on cetaceans collected during our trips, taking into account the number of individuals, their behaviour, their location coordinates, the direction in which they travel, among others.

These data allows a more precise and rigorous investigation work.

During the sighting, the marine biologist also has the mission of photographing the dorsal and caudal fins of cetaceans in order to carry out the photo identification. Photo-identification is a non-invasive method of individual differentiation of cetacean species that occur in our observation zone.

 It is a scientific tool that can be applied in different species and thus better understand the population, migratory, behavioural, ecological and biological parameters of these animals.

This technique consists in photographing the marks, cuts and scars, permanent or not, that dolphins and whales acquire throughout their life. Such as the pattern of pigmentation and fin shapes.

With these photographs a catalogue was created that serves for a posterior comparison with photographs of other observations in the same area where it was registered and with catalogues of other possible areas of a comparison and to obtain coincident results.

Partnership with APECE

There is a deep concern for the uncertain future of our seas and the most emblematic animals in marine life - the Sharks - due to overfishing and destruction of habitats observed throughout the world.

In order not to contribute to the decline of shark species populations in the Algarve, our company promotes Shark Fishing by the "tagging and release" method - all captured specimens are released alive into their natural environment.

You will only have time to take your picture.

In this way we can participate and contribute to the preservation of sharks on our coast. This important contribution to research is the collection of data such as sex, measurements, photographing different marks, location coordinates and their marking with equipment provided by NOAA - USA.

All these data allow a greater knowledge and increase of the information about these animals with the APECE - Portuguese Association for the Study and Conservation of Elasmobranchs ( most common species to be observed in Sagres are: the Blue Shark (Prionace glauca), the Mako Shark (Isurus oxyrinchus), the Hammerhead Shark (Sphyrna zygaena) and the Basking Shark (Cetorhinus maximus).

Parceria com a WCA

Desde 2014 a Cape Cruiser orgulha-se em ser parceiro da WCA ( World Cetacean Alliance) – uma aliança mundial que visa a preservação e conservação dos golfinhos, baleias e botos e dos seus habitats naturais.

A cooperação entre os atuais parceiros vindos de diferentes pontos do globo consiste em desenvolverem iniciativas conjuntas para compartilhar dados científicos, desenvolver novos padrões para a observação responsável de baleias e observação de golfinhos e ajudar empresas a melhorarem os seus métodos de trabalho fornecendo soluções sustentáveis.

Outro objectivo é informar e incentivar os turistas a se envolverem na questão das redes fantasmas e do emaranhamento.

Ser parceiro da WCA é estar focado em elevar os nossos padrões como empresa de observação de golfinhos e baleias de uma forma responsável, tornar esta observação uma aprendizagem educacional prestando informação sobre as espécies, as regras de aproximação aos animais e como podemos ser mais ativos em reduzir a nossa pegada no meio ambiente. Devemos ainda informar sobre a nossa participação nos projectos científicos, colaboração com outros parceiros e os resultados obtidos. Para uma informação mais detalhada sobre a aliança mundial de cetáceos consulte: